Friday, February 26, 2010

Pants and Advice

About time for a baby post I suppose. Since things are just moving along good this time (yeah for for that), there's not a lot to update. Next appointment is March 4th.

So I am officially in the stupid stage where I almost look pregnant instead of just fat, but I definitely can't fit any of my normal clothes. Yuck! Went to work the other day in one of my bigger pairs of cargo pants. Made it about 2 hours before I had to unbutton and yank my shirt over the top so I didn't look undone. Did I mention that already on here? Feel like I did. Anyways, it's getting worse. Definitely don't want to buy a bunch of those pregnant pregnant clothes yet b/c they're super droopy, but this is getting uncomfortable. Side Note: Hurray for low rise jeans. I made it a lot longer that I would have before they were popular. :o)

Advice? Okay any moms (or dads) out there actually reading this I need your help. I find out what Lil D is on March 17th and after that I guess we're supposed to do the registry thing. Problem is I know nothing about babies. So...if you have an opinion on the best things to register for and the stuff that ended up just sitting around your house wasting space, please post your recommendations here. Sheryl promised to go with me if I'm around Murfreesboro one weekend (woohoo for first momma's in your group of friends), but extra seasoned advice is always nice. And much easier to remember and reference if you write it here rather than telling me next time I run into you in the hall somewhere. Thanks!


Aaron said...

Keep in mind that this is coming from a non-parent...I think a hiking, kid-carrying backpack is a MUST. Got to make sure Lil D is comfortable on all your excursions.

regina said...

on the pants: go with low rise and my mom said she used to fasten them with a rubber band. find pants with elastic bands and as it gets a little warmer you can do more leggings and dresses that you can wear later but will be big and "flowy" enough to cover comfortably. on registering: register for more of the big stuff like crib (try for the one that grows with him unless you plan to have more an will need the crib later), high chair, car seats with extras for other cars, stroller, pump if you think you'll need it for work. i found diaper pails unnecessary if you can just take the regular trash out more often or take it out to the big trash can right away. electric bottle warmer is a no. never used it. had a wipe warmer, which was nice but not needed. i wouldn't bother with an actual changing table. before you know it you'll be changing them on the bed, the floor, the couch. get what you can from hand me downs and good will. most things like swings and bouncy chairs don't get used for very long before the babies are tired of them. do yourself a favor and refrain from too many noise making toys. and they go through a lot of clothes that they don't wear for too long but do get them messy. so until they get a little bigger, it doesn't pay to buy clothes new. if you use a pacifier, get several and have the clip that attaches to the clothes keeps you from losing them. get a diaper bag that doesn't look like one, that has lots of space and places to put stuff. i'm sure i could come up with tons more for you... but another time...

Heather said...

Aaron - definitely going to get a backpack thing. Used probably but we'll find something to make sure Lil D is portable. Duct tape?? :o)

Gina - tried your rubber band trick (Heather style using a hair thing) today. Tell your momma great suggestion! I'm wearing my favorite jeans. Woohoo!

Looking forward to dresses this summer! Wish the weather would go ahead and warm up.

Thanks for the other advice. All those warmers and stuff like that I have no clue about. I mean they seem like good ideas but 3/4 of them probably aren't used very often. Just trying to figure out which are the good ones! :o)