Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spread the word

It seems like everyone loves to make big announcements except me and Josh! It’s funny b/c we love for people to know, but we’re both terrible about telling people. So about two weeks ago after stressing out about it for the past 4 months, I told my new boss Sandi that I was pregnant. Being the wuss that I am, I prepped her by emailing and saying that I had big news and we should meet. Hehe...Being a great grandmother twice over plus having 3 kids she quickly figured it out once I walked in her office and shut the door. I told her that she could help me tell everyone around the office thinking ladies are good at spreading the word, but I know now that Sandi is a much better secret keeper. She didn’t mention it to anyone. Sigh.

So after another 2 weeks of stressing about it, I decided I would try the HR lady under the disguise of needing to know what my leave options were. Since my one year anniversary with Tremont will be December 2010 and Lil D will arrive in August I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. Working at a small non-profit I figured I wouldn’t get any paid leave, but I didn’t want to have to quit my new fun job b/c of a stupid rule! I was in luck! Charlene was the perfect person to tell. At my request she has successfully told the whole of Tremont in less than a day. Ah...I love it. :o) Most of the folks here are either in grandparent mode or not ready for kids yet so I am the lone babymaker in the group. Hehe...Needless to say they are very excited and already want to know when Lil D will be around to play. My stress level is now back to normal. I can look forward to busy work days but also great support. Yeah! What kid wouldn’t want to grow up hanging out with smart folks in the national park? Hope he/she likes the outdoors.

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