Monday, February 15, 2010

The Beginnings

Okay so here's the back story on Lil D for now and to begin my blog.

We had been trying for a while to have a kid since I had a miscarriage early last year. Just as we were starting to get worried that it would never happen and starting to get anxious, I found out I was pregnant! Yeah! It's interesting b/c we just moved back home, Josh just started his new job in October, and I started mine in December. We have no permanent living situation b/c we're trying to sell our house in Murfreesboro. Luckily - mom and dad's house hasn't sold, and they're letting us stay there. Not the ideal situation for a kid, but a good one.

I'm bummed b/c all my baby type friends are in Murfreesboro and my church. I feel kind of disconnected and lonely here now b/c we can't settle until we move to Maryville. It'll be okay though. You're all only a phone call away; right?

So as I said earlier the original idea for this blog was to be a pregnant hikers blog. I am going to try and complete as many hikes as I can in the smokies before Lil D makes his/her entrance into the world. Should be fun, and I would love to have you join me. Anyone? :o)

Here's the info on the first hike: 

To begin, we have my first official pregnant hike. Spruce Flats Falls and Middle Prong Trail Cascades with Isaac. Josh had guard that weekend, and it was supposed to be the prettiest day we had seen in a long long time so I called and begged Isaac to go hiking with me.

He didn't want to go at first b/c he said he was severely allergic to poison ivy/oak (or something in the woods). I laughed and said nothing was going to get him in the woods in winter and we would be extra careful not to touch anything. He was convinced!

So Saturday I packed us up a picnic lunch, and we loaded up the Echo for an adventure. We hiked around Tremont since I always hear people talking about the stuff there, and I have never hiked it. It was easy to see how little exercise wise I have been doing b/c I was winded on the first hill. Depressing. We got lost within probably the first 100 feet and had to follow a group of name brand sporting baby carrying family hikers to the correct path. We did make it to the falls and they were very nice. Had a great time catching up with Isaac and for the first time since I've come back to Knoxville it was easy hanging out with him. Kind of like it used to be.
After that hike we stopped for an early lunch (SORRY pregnant here..can't hike on an empty stomach). Then we successfully got lost trying to find the middle prong cascades. In our defense, the sign on the correct trail did say that the trail didn't go anywhere. Why would we follow a trail that said that? We ended up asking some old ladies (who looked like experienced hikers by the way) where to go and got going in the right direction. So we ended up with 3 hikes for the price of two and a little confusion and had a great time. As a follow up though...Isaac did get poison ivy just like he said he would. Which resulted in a outward appearance that apparently frightened small children and sensitive ladies and a shot in the butt. lol...sorry. So not funny. Definitely not funny. But if that was his last attempt at a hike in the woods, I'm glad it was with me.

Next hike: Aaron and possibly his parents and my mom on a hike in February!

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Angel said...

I didn't know you guys got lost. That's funny. Old lady hikers-LOL!

I'm sorry you're lonely. :o[