Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adventure 19 - Tremont Baby Shower and Agnew Visit

Okay. I'm counting the Tremont baby shower and Patti & Steve's visit as 19 so I can make 20 Molly's birthday. :o)

The ladies at Tremont were very sweet, and even though there's only a few of them, they wanted to throw a shower. Molly has everything she needs so I just told them to pick us up one of those little small folding strollers. The ladies (and guys) at Tremont came strong though. They bought Molly a sweet Jeep stroller, some clothes and tons of other cute stuff. A few nature type books - of course - what did you expect from the naturalist folks? It was very nice.

Patti and Steve came to Knoxville for a concert Friday night so they came over to hang out with us Saturday. We got to show them our new house, had an afternoon at the lake, a Davis cookout and a spent the evening playing fun Wii games. Steve's mom had bought him this dance game as a joke, but we tried it out and it's really fun. Might have to pick it up. So 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant me and Patti were breakin it down. We basically stomped the guys except for a few songs where Steve was allowed to smack his booty which he's surprisingly good at at, and Josh (a 70s child born too late) was getting his funk on. Had a great time. Didn't take any pictures but enjoyed the visit and look forward to more once Molly's here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adventure Number 18 - The Breastfeeding Class

Hahahaa...Okay details of this one not to be released on the internet, but I'll write a little something for my book later. Too too funny. hahahahahaha - Proof that Josh does indeed love both me and Molly.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adventure 17 - Last Trip

So this past weekend I took my last travel trip "far" away to Memphis. I plan on sticking around the East side of the state for the last 6 weeks just in case Molly decides to come on out pre-August 10th. I had an appointment the Tuesday before I left for the trip, and I asked my doctor if he "thought it would be safe for me to go to Memphis this weekend". His response was - "what part of Memphis??". hehe..I assured him I would be safe and he let me go with no worries.

Drove down with mom as fast as I could Friday night in hopes that I could catch the tail end of the VBS program. Sheryl was the director this year! (a job I'm sure I would have shared with her unwillingly if I would have been in town. That's the craziness she'll drag you into you know.) Sounds like they did great though. Missed the program but everyone was still hanging around the church so I got to see a few folks. Spent the rest of the night catching up with Sheryl and them and crashed on the futon in Brandon's old room.

Headed to Memphis the next morning with Leita. Promptly got stuck in traffic in Nashville, then at exit 101, then again b/c of some bulldozer or something in road. So a 3-4 hour trip turned in to 5-6. Met Leita's momma and took a quick shower. Then the festivities began.

I love weddings!!! What girl doesn't I suppose, but they're always so nice. Makes you think of yours and gives everyone a little refresher on love. Becca looked amazing, Aaron's dad managed to get through the service without tearing up (go dad!), and I even think Aaron got a little teary-eyed. sweet. Reception  was really fun. Tons of people dancing and seemed like everyone had a great time. Stayed up till 1:30 chatting with Aaron afterwards.

Good last travel weekend. Guess it's hunker down time in Maryville where I'll attempt to get stuff ready for Molly to get here.