Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adventure 19 - Tremont Baby Shower and Agnew Visit

Okay. I'm counting the Tremont baby shower and Patti & Steve's visit as 19 so I can make 20 Molly's birthday. :o)

The ladies at Tremont were very sweet, and even though there's only a few of them, they wanted to throw a shower. Molly has everything she needs so I just told them to pick us up one of those little small folding strollers. The ladies (and guys) at Tremont came strong though. They bought Molly a sweet Jeep stroller, some clothes and tons of other cute stuff. A few nature type books - of course - what did you expect from the naturalist folks? It was very nice.

Patti and Steve came to Knoxville for a concert Friday night so they came over to hang out with us Saturday. We got to show them our new house, had an afternoon at the lake, a Davis cookout and a spent the evening playing fun Wii games. Steve's mom had bought him this dance game as a joke, but we tried it out and it's really fun. Might have to pick it up. So 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant me and Patti were breakin it down. We basically stomped the guys except for a few songs where Steve was allowed to smack his booty which he's surprisingly good at at, and Josh (a 70s child born too late) was getting his funk on. Had a great time. Didn't take any pictures but enjoyed the visit and look forward to more once Molly's here.

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