Monday, May 31, 2010

Adventure Number 13 - Isaac Time!

I never manage to get a picture when me and Isaac hang out, but I'm counting our kayak adventure as number 13. Before Josh left on his trip, I made him leave me the truck just in case there were any nice weekends, and I could convince Isaac to load up the boats for me so we could go kayaking. Lucky for us - this past Saturday the weather looked like it was going to cooperate.

Once we figured out how to open the garage door, we loaded up the boats and headed to a spot close by our new house in Maryville. It was perfect! Just floating around on a great day without too many boats. We tried to be brave and float down a small creek area, but we decided to turn back when the spiders started jumping off the tree limbs onto my boat and I freaked out. Like I said, we tried to be brave. hehe...

After the creek incident, we stopped along one of the edges to do a little swimming where I learned that big beefy Isaac has "tender" feet. hahaha...So we were quite a pair attempting to swim. Me trying to get out of my boat and on to the rocks without falling and knocking Molly senseless, and Isaac tenderfooting his way around the rocks before he jumped in. :o)

Finish off the weekend with a movie night to see Robin Hood, and I call Adventure 13 quite a success.

Adventure Number 12 - Murfreesboro Visit

Again a delayed posting, but still an excellent adventure. Josh was gone to some place for guard so I headed up to Murfreesboro with mom.

Saturday the crew headed up to Long...Hunter I think it was State Park for a day at the lake and a fabulous picnic. Rode up in the Jeep, and it ended up being the perfect day. Brandon and I played a little soccer. Gotta get Molly used to the idea. Hopefully she'll enjoy playing as much as I do b/c I'd love to watch! Anyways - so some folks floated around in the kayaks and some just swam and some sat in the sun talking. Relaxing and fun at the same time.
Later that evening we had a cookout at Aaron's house (of course! what's a Murfreesboro weekend without a cookout at Aaron's). Then headed over to Sheryl's house for a few games. A standard evening, but so fun.

Sunday was a big day at church. Steve and Aaron joined Trinity. Confirmation Sunday. And my shower! I was overwhelmed by the gifts from so many folks at Trinity. Even after 6 months of being away, they are still as supportive as if we had been living in the Boro. So nice. Got lots of great presents and played some fun shower games. Then headed back to Knoxville with mom.

Got stuck in traffic for about an hour and half extra and got home super late so the week started off SLEEPY.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Adventure #11 Slightly Delayed Reporting

Adventure number 11 happened forever ago, but I've been busy and lazy so I never posted.

Me and Josh headed out to Norris Dam to do some fishing. We, of course, didn't catch a dang thing, but we had a great time.

Brought a picnic lunch and ate next to a mill or something. I don't remember now, but it was a typical lazy Saturday kind of day we haven't had in a while (and haven't had since come to think of it.)

Picture is me sitting on a rock while he's fishing b/c I'm too lazy to actually fish. hehe...what who says adventures can't be restful?