Thursday, April 22, 2010


Oh Molly you lucky girl!! You got to go see Bon Jovi before you were even born. Technically I don't think it was your first concert. The first was The Script with Aaron, Leita and Ryan in Nashville, but we'll count this one as your first big concert.

Aaron bought me Bon Jovi tickets as a going away present when I left Murfreesboro so I headed up yesterday to enjoy some classic music. hehe... For some strange reason no one wanted to volunteer to attend the show with me so I wrangled my old boss Becky into going. She was the perfect choice b/c I think out of all the people I know she is the only one who appreciates Bon Jovi's music.

We ate dinner in Franklin with Aaron and caught up (we haven't seen Becky since she left her old job). Then we drove on up to Nashville. The seats were great, and Jon Bon Jovi is SO cute! It was funny b/c all his old songs were way better than his newer ones. People went crazy for Livin' on a Prayer and Bad Medicine, but the more recent songs left the crowd a little quieter. I liked them all though. They played everything I hoped except for "Have a Nice Day" so I was definitely satisfied with the show. Yeah for Bon Jovi and yeah for a good time.

After the concert Sheryl helped me register for the baby stuff at Target and Babies 'R' Us. Me and Josh tried to register, but there's just TOO much stuff. Slightly intimidating. So it was fun to have someone give me their pointers that worked for them. Everything won't work out the same for Molly I'm sure, but at least I have a really good starting point now.

And for anyone paying attention - here's the latest belly pic. Yucko!

#9 - Hiking at Old Stone Fort

The same weekend we stopped for Talan's soccer game we did a little hiking before we headed out to dinner theater that night. We went to Old Stone Fort in Manchester, TN. I had spent time here when I was little with my grandparents, but I had forgotten what it was like.

Hiking-wise it was a pretty easy stroll. I was glad though b/c I'm getting slow now. Not sure if it's b/c I'm out of shape or if it's harder to walk with belly, but I'm definitely not a fast hiker at the current time. The group I was with didn't mind though. They waited up for me if necessary, and Patti even managed to fall and bust open her knee (just in case I busted it - you make me feel better. hehe)

We saw lots of cute spring flowers, and after seeing the cute combination of yellow, purple and green I have decided that's the colors I'm going to do Molly's nursery. It'll be happy and girly, but not too crazy. Don't you think?

#8 - Talan's Soccer Game

Talan, my little cousin, is playing soccer and t-ball this year. Since I'm a huge kids playing soccer fan, adventure number 8 was a Saturday morning trip to watch him play. He's four and the smallest on his team. He's super cute to watch b/c his little jersey is about 2 sizes too big.

I was really surprised b/c they have the little kids follow the "real" rules as close as they can. As far as I've seen, the little ones usually just run in clumps on the soccer field (which they did), but this league tries to teach them offense and defense so they keep half on one side of the field and half on the other. Talan was cute b/c you can tell that at one point they told him NOT to cross the white line (must have been a defense day) so now he kind of stops and thinks before he crosses it. Or he runs right up to it after the ball and just stops. :o) Just following directions; right?

Charity says he's better at t-ball b/c it's more of a focused sport without so much going on, but I think his soccer was just great. So glad I was able to stop in and see him play and hopefully I'll see many more games in the future!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#7 Without The Pics...

Number 7 Adventure involved me, Isaac, a beautiful Saturday and a couple of kayaks. Isaac had said that he'd never been kayaking before so I said next time Josh had guard and it was nice we would go. So this past Saturday we loaded up the kayaks (well Josh loaded up the kayaks) and headed out to Stony Point for some fun. Despite his fears of paddling like a dork and falling in the water, he did amazing, and we had the best time. Managed to dodge the ridiculously fast boats that come barreling around the corners and neither of us fell in. Nice enough day that you could almost imagine swimming, but by the screams of the kids jumping off the rocks the water was still a little chilly. We'll save swimming for next time.

I guess I could say the real adventure started when we were leaving b/c neither of us knew how to use the tie downs Josh used to secure the boats. I had even had a lesson the night before and couldn't get it. So we probably spent thirty minutes trying to get the boats back in the back of my truck and tied down as best we could. Oops. Still good though. Finished off the day with some chicken salad sandwiches and hash brown casserole from Cracker Barrel. Lovely. :o)

Baby notes: Molly is FLIPPING out in my belly. Her kicks are getting so strong I can see them outside. I looked down the other day at lunch just to see, and every time she kicks my belly jumps like a hundred feet. lol..strange. I can't even imagine how it will be later. Nice to know she's in there though.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventure #6 - Kayaking The Stones River

Spent Easter weekend in the Boro. Papa's in the hospital so it wasn't the same kind of Easter we're used to. But it turned out nice. Josh, Aaron and I kayaked the Stones River from Walter Hill Dam to Mona Boat Ramp. Nice float - about 5 miles with a pretty good current in some points. It was awesome to be back outside before it gets too hot and after such a yucky cold winter.

I was so excited to get out in the kayaks! I think Molly will be game for kayaking while she's in my belly for a pretty long time since all I have to do is sit there and move my arms. It's a little harder to do b/c it feels weird using your abs, but besides that, smooth sailing! May be difficult getting in and out of the boat later on, but I'm usually out and about with some helpful guys so I think we've got it covered.

Unkie Aaron let us all bombard his house for the weekend. Boys and all so it was a full Davis crowd. Always a good time when a Mulroy is around though so it worked out well. Thanks!