Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#7 Without The Pics...

Number 7 Adventure involved me, Isaac, a beautiful Saturday and a couple of kayaks. Isaac had said that he'd never been kayaking before so I said next time Josh had guard and it was nice we would go. So this past Saturday we loaded up the kayaks (well Josh loaded up the kayaks) and headed out to Stony Point for some fun. Despite his fears of paddling like a dork and falling in the water, he did amazing, and we had the best time. Managed to dodge the ridiculously fast boats that come barreling around the corners and neither of us fell in. Nice enough day that you could almost imagine swimming, but by the screams of the kids jumping off the rocks the water was still a little chilly. We'll save swimming for next time.

I guess I could say the real adventure started when we were leaving b/c neither of us knew how to use the tie downs Josh used to secure the boats. I had even had a lesson the night before and couldn't get it. So we probably spent thirty minutes trying to get the boats back in the back of my truck and tied down as best we could. Oops. Still good though. Finished off the day with some chicken salad sandwiches and hash brown casserole from Cracker Barrel. Lovely. :o)

Baby notes: Molly is FLIPPING out in my belly. Her kicks are getting so strong I can see them outside. I looked down the other day at lunch just to see, and every time she kicks my belly jumps like a hundred feet. lol..strange. I can't even imagine how it will be later. Nice to know she's in there though.

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