Thursday, April 22, 2010


Oh Molly you lucky girl!! You got to go see Bon Jovi before you were even born. Technically I don't think it was your first concert. The first was The Script with Aaron, Leita and Ryan in Nashville, but we'll count this one as your first big concert.

Aaron bought me Bon Jovi tickets as a going away present when I left Murfreesboro so I headed up yesterday to enjoy some classic music. hehe... For some strange reason no one wanted to volunteer to attend the show with me so I wrangled my old boss Becky into going. She was the perfect choice b/c I think out of all the people I know she is the only one who appreciates Bon Jovi's music.

We ate dinner in Franklin with Aaron and caught up (we haven't seen Becky since she left her old job). Then we drove on up to Nashville. The seats were great, and Jon Bon Jovi is SO cute! It was funny b/c all his old songs were way better than his newer ones. People went crazy for Livin' on a Prayer and Bad Medicine, but the more recent songs left the crowd a little quieter. I liked them all though. They played everything I hoped except for "Have a Nice Day" so I was definitely satisfied with the show. Yeah for Bon Jovi and yeah for a good time.

After the concert Sheryl helped me register for the baby stuff at Target and Babies 'R' Us. Me and Josh tried to register, but there's just TOO much stuff. Slightly intimidating. So it was fun to have someone give me their pointers that worked for them. Everything won't work out the same for Molly I'm sure, but at least I have a really good starting point now.

And for anyone paying attention - here's the latest belly pic. Yucko!

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