Thursday, April 22, 2010

#9 - Hiking at Old Stone Fort

The same weekend we stopped for Talan's soccer game we did a little hiking before we headed out to dinner theater that night. We went to Old Stone Fort in Manchester, TN. I had spent time here when I was little with my grandparents, but I had forgotten what it was like.

Hiking-wise it was a pretty easy stroll. I was glad though b/c I'm getting slow now. Not sure if it's b/c I'm out of shape or if it's harder to walk with belly, but I'm definitely not a fast hiker at the current time. The group I was with didn't mind though. They waited up for me if necessary, and Patti even managed to fall and bust open her knee (just in case I busted it - you make me feel better. hehe)

We saw lots of cute spring flowers, and after seeing the cute combination of yellow, purple and green I have decided that's the colors I'm going to do Molly's nursery. It'll be happy and girly, but not too crazy. Don't you think?

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