Thursday, April 22, 2010

#8 - Talan's Soccer Game

Talan, my little cousin, is playing soccer and t-ball this year. Since I'm a huge kids playing soccer fan, adventure number 8 was a Saturday morning trip to watch him play. He's four and the smallest on his team. He's super cute to watch b/c his little jersey is about 2 sizes too big.

I was really surprised b/c they have the little kids follow the "real" rules as close as they can. As far as I've seen, the little ones usually just run in clumps on the soccer field (which they did), but this league tries to teach them offense and defense so they keep half on one side of the field and half on the other. Talan was cute b/c you can tell that at one point they told him NOT to cross the white line (must have been a defense day) so now he kind of stops and thinks before he crosses it. Or he runs right up to it after the ball and just stops. :o) Just following directions; right?

Charity says he's better at t-ball b/c it's more of a focused sport without so much going on, but I think his soccer was just great. So glad I was able to stop in and see him play and hopefully I'll see many more games in the future!

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