Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adventure #5 Weekend

I'm counting this past weekend as one big adventure #5 because I did a bunch of small cool stuff, but nothing huge. So we'll do it day by day.

Friday - We had our potential new house inspected right after work Friday. It took about two hours, but it ended up pretty good. It's an older house so we expected some stuff to be wrong with it, and there was nothing that was super shocking. We've put in a request for some of these things to be fixed before closing, and we're waiting again for their offer on what they will do. There's a lot of waiting involved in house buying. Takes too long! Not good for impatient people.

Saturday - Josh had to help Gary move this work bench so instead of going hiking we stuck around Knoxville for the day. We helped Gary, then swung by Josh's dad's house to show him the ultrasound pictures. He's so cute! I just want to squeeze him. Him and Linda were both excited to see pictures. Since we were in that neck of the woods, we ran to Litton's for lunch. YUM! Best burgers in Knoxville. Five Guys and Fuddruckers are pretty good, but Litton's is local and tasty so it wins. We got our dessert to go and headed across the street to the duck pond to eat our cheesecake outside in the beautiful weather. Me and  Josh went to the duck pond for picnics when we were dating so we have good memories there. More Saturday - whew...busy day. Gary and Tina bought us tickets to the hockey game that night. It was the craziest Ice Bears game I've seen in a while. They were playing the FireAnts. By the end of the 2nd period they were fighting so much that both benches cleared and the whole team was beatin' up the other team. Awesome hockey fight. So many of the players had penalties that they had to end the game early. After the game, we ran over to Isaac's friend's house and watched some MMA fight that Josh wanted to see. A violent Saturday, but a good one.

Sunday - Went to church. We had skipped last week to sleep in. Sorry God. But it was nice to be back. Mark had a really good message, and the praise band was on it. Made me miss being in choir. Maybe soon we'll be moving into our new place, and we can find a permanent church.

After church we grabbed some burritos and Josh suggested we check out some furniture stores for inspiration. Heck yeah!! Did my husband just suggest furniture shopping? Yeah he did. :o)

In the afternoon, me and Mom took Christy swimming at the Y since we didn't get to go the other night. Haven't been swimming in forever, and I've decided it's the best pregnant workout ever! It's easy and works out a lot of muscles. Woohoo! Christy was excited to swim with Molly. She kept asking if I thought she liked it. I didn't hear any complaints so we're going to assume Molly loves to swim.

Rounded off the night with dinner and movie at home. Wonderful wonderful weekend. Ready for the next?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Day Old Sandwich Worries

When you go to the doctor for the visit where they tell you the horrible list of things you're not supposed to eat when your pregnant, the one I never knew about really was the deli meat one. What the heck? You're supposed to try and eat healthier, but you're not allowed a Subway sandwich unless you heat up the meat first to a certain temperature. Apparently there are bacteria in deli meat that live in refridgerated temperatures and if you eat them they cause miscarriages. My doctor warned me about this several times (along with my beloved Tuna steaks which we won't whine about right now).

Anyways, so yesterday Josh left for work before I did as usual, and when I walked into the kitchen to make my sandwich there was already one sitting there made next to an oatmeal creme pie. Already in a baggie and everything. So I figured he rushed out the door and forgot his sandwich like I've done numerous times. So I packed his sandwich ignoring my deli meat rule for just this once b/c I was too lazy to make me a new sandwich and figured it was better not to waste a freshly made one.

I ate the whole sandwich at lunch mayo, mustard, cheap deli meat, cheese and all and promptly sent Josh a text message. Ha ha..dummy you forgot your sandwich so I ate it. His text back - "Gross".

Found out later that the sandwich had been in his lunchbox in the car since Friday when he decided to go out instead of eat the one he brought. NASTY! So now I'm all freaked out that I have eaten a nasty sandwich and ingested miscarriage inducing bacteria. Lovely. But...I'm not sick so hopefully Molly's just in there fighting off whatever her goofy mom decides to try on her today. Oops.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Numbers

Oh I forgot! For all you numbers people. Molly is currently 10oz. She's growing perfectly (one day ahead of schedule the ultrasound lady said). She kept listing off all these baby specifications and such that all started to mush together in my brain, but basically, we're good. :o)

I'm at 19 weeks and 3 days today, and I've gained 6 pounds overall for a grand total of 146. WHICH I think sounds quite large, but you know doctor's scales. We're going to say I started way less than that - okay. We'll just focus on the only gaining 6 pounds part from now on. Okay?

That's it for now. Other Davis news. We found a house we really like! Going to try and make an offer if everything looks good after talking to a lender and having the mom's inspect.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Molly Jane

Well, our little girl got us off to an interesting start. Took the ultrasound lady a while to figure out she was a girl b/c she had the cord between her legs and wasn't moving. Way to go Molly. Just be stubborn to start with. :o) The lady kept shaking my belly trying to get her moving. Then she finally figured out Lil D was a girl!

So the idea of a girl is going to take a little getting used to since we had boy stuck in our heads. At least I did. Josh claims he knew it would be a girl the whole time, but I had bought a few things boy-wise and nothing girly.

Oh well..I changed gears quickly and was out shopping with mom today. hehe..Got a cute little sundress, and I'm on the hunt for an orange skirt. Girls really do have super cute clothes! How fun.

Her name is going to be Molly Jane Davis. Molly...just b/c I think it's pretty, and it works for a little girl and a lady. Jane for Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, plain Jane, and surprisingly Effie Jane (my granny's granny..I think). I think it's nice b/c they sound good separate. And they sound good together if you're yelling. Very important criteria. I'm excited b/c I really liked my girl name so now we get to use it. Yeah!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today's the day!

Here's a little prepost during breakfast before we find out whether Lil D is a boy or a girl. It's split down the middle on who thinks what. Christy thinks boy. Josh's momma thinks boy. My mom won't say, but she's secretly going boy for naming reasons. Dad gets too distracted about taking Little D fishing in his pond and driving him/her around on his motorcycle all summer to tell me what he thinks. Last I heard Sheryl and Patti think girl. And Aaron thinks boy.

Me and Josh are pretty convinced that it's a girl for several reasons.
(1) We have always thought it would be fun to have a boy.
(2) He's been outnumbered by girls his whole life.
(3) We've bought more boy stuff already than we have girl's stuff.
(4) We keep calling Lil D a "he" by accident.

We're thinking the odds are pretty much against a boy overall. At first I always wanted a boy just b/c I'm not that girly. I can't do hair or makeup. What if I end up with a super girly one? Oh my. Boys seem to be more actively fun although I think I was a pretty dang cool little girl when I was growing up so I guess you never know.

So now, a few hours before we find out I'm undecided. The correct parent response is "whatever as long as it's healthy" - right? I have names I love picked out for both so I'm good there, and as we've been out shopping I can't help but notice the girl clothes are SUPER cute. I'm excited to able to call our baby something other than "it" today and to be able to start dreaming up rooms and watching for cute deals on gender specific items. Probably going to be the longest work hours ever today.

Got my green on for St. Patty's Day! Have a good one! I'll talk to y'all later. :o)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fishy Dreams

This one was funny! So Friday night I dreamed that I went fishing with our old next door neighbor Kyle. Old as in used to live next to us not old as in elderly. Anyways, so I dreamed we went to this lake fishing. Us and one other person, but I can't remember who. We were fishing forever, and I was really worried b/c we didn't have licenses. It ran out the other day. Kyle kept saying we'd be fine, and they never really checked anyways.

We continued to fish and were sitting down next to this older gentleman talking about how we didn't have licenses. I was saying that I was worried, but I figured we'd probably be okay. What's the chances of them checking TODAY? The old man just listened, but he didn't really say much. All of the sudden mid-conversation I see the wildlife guys float up and start checking licenses across the lake. I didn't know what to do so I dropped all my fishing and jumped in the lake and started swimming. The wildlife guys came over and asked if we were fishing and if we had licenses. We lied our butts off. No sir, we're just over here swimming. La la la...don't mind us. They left, and I thought we had gotten away with it! Then out of no where the old man we heard the old man turn us in! He was pointing in our direction, and we knew we had been tattled on. Bummer!

Apparently in Heather dreamland, they are really strict with licensing b/c instead of just giving us a fine, they were taking us directly to prison! I was standing in line freakin' out b/c I couldn't figure out how I was going to get bailed out of jail without telling Josh. You see...the other day we were talking about licenses and how I needed to go get mine. Blah blah blah. So there was no way I was calling Josh to bust me out of jail for not having a fishing license.

Yep...guilty conscience in my dreams, and I haven't even done anything in real life!! Strange.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lil D May Actually Get His/Her Own Room When Born

I don't want to jinx it by posting that everything is great and finalized, BUT last night someone accepted our counteroffer on our house in Murfreesboro! We will close on April 16th, and that means I can start looking for a house in Maryville! WOOOHOOO! We'll be fine if it doesn't work out, but we were both getting anxious to be able to settle into a house prebaby. This is awesome! Pray that everything works out and that we find the perfect house in Maryville quickly. Josh will be gone on deployment for a few weeks in May so we have to either find it quickly before or quickly after to get settled. We're not rushing though. I just hoping for a nice size house with some character. We loved our first one, but it was pretty cookie cutter. Something with a little vintage style would be great. Thanks!! Note: One week today until my ultrasound. Can you tell I'm excited to see what's going on in there? Hope the little guy/girl is moving or something. That would be nice. Later!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure #4 - Tremont Scavenger Hunt

For the first time since I moved the entire Boro crew came over to Knoxville to visit us! We all signed up to do the scavenger hunt at Tremont. I said it was just our style. An excuse to get together, hang out in the mountains all day and for a good cause.

The group arrived Friday night, and after getting settled at my mom's house which has a lot more guest beds than mine, we attempted to stay focused and do research for our questions. We did okay with searching but ended up catching up more than making plans. This lead to a bit of confusion the day of, but I think it turned out well.

Hike's included in this adventure - Laurel Falls (1.3 miles), Elkmont Nature Walk (.5 miles), Little Green Briar Schoolhouse (about 1 mile) and Spruce Flats Falls (1 miles). I've never done so many short hikes in one day! It was great. Think of all the craziness that could have happened if we actually knew where we were going. hehe..

Brandon (almost 3) was our youngest group member, and he did awesome! Sheryl and Dave got an extra workout carrying him up and down most of the trails, but everyone ended up happy. Funny b/c if Brandon wasn't being carried he was running full speed up a mountain. Which lead me to a new discovery that little kids (at least this one..who happens to be my only reference thank you) are all extremes. Either not walking at all or running like mad till they face plant into the trail. Either way seems to equal no rest on the part of the folks taller than 3 feet. Kudos to the Mabrys. :o)

The Middle Tennessee Misfits came in dead last out of 18 teams with 266 points. And they thought we needed to be disqualified. HA! We'll show you..you picky rules people.

Following the hunt we all came back and ate completely fattening food and played games till we passed out. Can we say AMAZING WEEKEND?? I think that we can.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

17 Week Appointment

Went for my 17 week appointment today, and everything is going great. Lil D's heartbeat is still strong. Ever since the first one didn't have a heartbeat every time I go in that's the first thing I want to see/hear. Luckily they're checking it every time. Yeah! So heartbeat good. Weight gain good (only 4 pounds since I started). Wonder why my pants won't fit?? What the heck. My whole 4 pounds must have been added right at my waistband. So here's the first belly picture for the blog. 17 weeks. Sorry about the stupid face. I've been taking them every week since 9 weeks. Not too bad of a belly yet.

2 weeks until we find out what Lil D is (besides being human of course).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Gyro Little Laughs

I'm not counting this as an adventure since it wasn't technically anything active, but I still had a good time. Went to eat Greek food with Isaac last night. Been craving these yummy gyro sandwiches that me and Aaron would get every once in a while in Franklin. Not because I'm pregnant, but b/c I don't get them all the time like I used to. Same with Slick Pig, Blue Coast and Chick-Fil-A. Anyways so when me and Isaac were trying to think of something to do and failing b/c neither of us wants to make a decision for the other one and he suggested we try something new. I said let's go Greek! We headed downtown and grabbed a yummy gyro and some rice from a small cafe. Again I ordered too much. Seems like I'm always starving but don't actually eat any more when I sit down to eat. Just eat more times during the day. I guess breakin' up big meals into a bunch of little ones would be smart. :oP

After that we met up with one of his friends to watch a Knoxville improv group do a little Who's Line type show in the Old City. I had a great time even with constant updates from Isaac that it was already past my bed time. (He makes fun b/c I usually just go to bed when Josh does now b/c there's nothing else to do. Might as well.)

Appointment tomorrow. Anxious to see how much weight I've gained. I hope it's not as much as it feels like. Gag.