Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Gyro Little Laughs

I'm not counting this as an adventure since it wasn't technically anything active, but I still had a good time. Went to eat Greek food with Isaac last night. Been craving these yummy gyro sandwiches that me and Aaron would get every once in a while in Franklin. Not because I'm pregnant, but b/c I don't get them all the time like I used to. Same with Slick Pig, Blue Coast and Chick-Fil-A. Anyways so when me and Isaac were trying to think of something to do and failing b/c neither of us wants to make a decision for the other one and he suggested we try something new. I said let's go Greek! We headed downtown and grabbed a yummy gyro and some rice from a small cafe. Again I ordered too much. Seems like I'm always starving but don't actually eat any more when I sit down to eat. Just eat more times during the day. I guess breakin' up big meals into a bunch of little ones would be smart. :oP

After that we met up with one of his friends to watch a Knoxville improv group do a little Who's Line type show in the Old City. I had a great time even with constant updates from Isaac that it was already past my bed time. (He makes fun b/c I usually just go to bed when Josh does now b/c there's nothing else to do. Might as well.)

Appointment tomorrow. Anxious to see how much weight I've gained. I hope it's not as much as it feels like. Gag.

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