Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Day Old Sandwich Worries

When you go to the doctor for the visit where they tell you the horrible list of things you're not supposed to eat when your pregnant, the one I never knew about really was the deli meat one. What the heck? You're supposed to try and eat healthier, but you're not allowed a Subway sandwich unless you heat up the meat first to a certain temperature. Apparently there are bacteria in deli meat that live in refridgerated temperatures and if you eat them they cause miscarriages. My doctor warned me about this several times (along with my beloved Tuna steaks which we won't whine about right now).

Anyways, so yesterday Josh left for work before I did as usual, and when I walked into the kitchen to make my sandwich there was already one sitting there made next to an oatmeal creme pie. Already in a baggie and everything. So I figured he rushed out the door and forgot his sandwich like I've done numerous times. So I packed his sandwich ignoring my deli meat rule for just this once b/c I was too lazy to make me a new sandwich and figured it was better not to waste a freshly made one.

I ate the whole sandwich at lunch mayo, mustard, cheap deli meat, cheese and all and promptly sent Josh a text message. Ha ha..dummy you forgot your sandwich so I ate it. His text back - "Gross".

Found out later that the sandwich had been in his lunchbox in the car since Friday when he decided to go out instead of eat the one he brought. NASTY! So now I'm all freaked out that I have eaten a nasty sandwich and ingested miscarriage inducing bacteria. Lovely. But...I'm not sick so hopefully Molly's just in there fighting off whatever her goofy mom decides to try on her today. Oops.

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