Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fishy Dreams

This one was funny! So Friday night I dreamed that I went fishing with our old next door neighbor Kyle. Old as in used to live next to us not old as in elderly. Anyways, so I dreamed we went to this lake fishing. Us and one other person, but I can't remember who. We were fishing forever, and I was really worried b/c we didn't have licenses. It ran out the other day. Kyle kept saying we'd be fine, and they never really checked anyways.

We continued to fish and were sitting down next to this older gentleman talking about how we didn't have licenses. I was saying that I was worried, but I figured we'd probably be okay. What's the chances of them checking TODAY? The old man just listened, but he didn't really say much. All of the sudden mid-conversation I see the wildlife guys float up and start checking licenses across the lake. I didn't know what to do so I dropped all my fishing and jumped in the lake and started swimming. The wildlife guys came over and asked if we were fishing and if we had licenses. We lied our butts off. No sir, we're just over here swimming. La la la...don't mind us. They left, and I thought we had gotten away with it! Then out of no where the old man we heard the old man turn us in! He was pointing in our direction, and we knew we had been tattled on. Bummer!

Apparently in Heather dreamland, they are really strict with licensing b/c instead of just giving us a fine, they were taking us directly to prison! I was standing in line freakin' out b/c I couldn't figure out how I was going to get bailed out of jail without telling Josh. You see...the other day we were talking about licenses and how I needed to go get mine. Blah blah blah. So there was no way I was calling Josh to bust me out of jail for not having a fishing license.

Yep...guilty conscience in my dreams, and I haven't even done anything in real life!! Strange.

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