Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure #4 - Tremont Scavenger Hunt

For the first time since I moved the entire Boro crew came over to Knoxville to visit us! We all signed up to do the scavenger hunt at Tremont. I said it was just our style. An excuse to get together, hang out in the mountains all day and for a good cause.

The group arrived Friday night, and after getting settled at my mom's house which has a lot more guest beds than mine, we attempted to stay focused and do research for our questions. We did okay with searching but ended up catching up more than making plans. This lead to a bit of confusion the day of, but I think it turned out well.

Hike's included in this adventure - Laurel Falls (1.3 miles), Elkmont Nature Walk (.5 miles), Little Green Briar Schoolhouse (about 1 mile) and Spruce Flats Falls (1 miles). I've never done so many short hikes in one day! It was great. Think of all the craziness that could have happened if we actually knew where we were going. hehe..

Brandon (almost 3) was our youngest group member, and he did awesome! Sheryl and Dave got an extra workout carrying him up and down most of the trails, but everyone ended up happy. Funny b/c if Brandon wasn't being carried he was running full speed up a mountain. Which lead me to a new discovery that little kids (at least this one..who happens to be my only reference thank you) are all extremes. Either not walking at all or running like mad till they face plant into the trail. Either way seems to equal no rest on the part of the folks taller than 3 feet. Kudos to the Mabrys. :o)

The Middle Tennessee Misfits came in dead last out of 18 teams with 266 points. And they thought we needed to be disqualified. HA! We'll show you..you picky rules people.

Following the hunt we all came back and ate completely fattening food and played games till we passed out. Can we say AMAZING WEEKEND?? I think that we can.

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regina said...

sounds like great fun and yes, kids are extreme. not all the time, but a lot of the time.