Monday, May 31, 2010

Adventure Number 12 - Murfreesboro Visit

Again a delayed posting, but still an excellent adventure. Josh was gone to some place for guard so I headed up to Murfreesboro with mom.

Saturday the crew headed up to Long...Hunter I think it was State Park for a day at the lake and a fabulous picnic. Rode up in the Jeep, and it ended up being the perfect day. Brandon and I played a little soccer. Gotta get Molly used to the idea. Hopefully she'll enjoy playing as much as I do b/c I'd love to watch! Anyways - so some folks floated around in the kayaks and some just swam and some sat in the sun talking. Relaxing and fun at the same time.
Later that evening we had a cookout at Aaron's house (of course! what's a Murfreesboro weekend without a cookout at Aaron's). Then headed over to Sheryl's house for a few games. A standard evening, but so fun.

Sunday was a big day at church. Steve and Aaron joined Trinity. Confirmation Sunday. And my shower! I was overwhelmed by the gifts from so many folks at Trinity. Even after 6 months of being away, they are still as supportive as if we had been living in the Boro. So nice. Got lots of great presents and played some fun shower games. Then headed back to Knoxville with mom.

Got stuck in traffic for about an hour and half extra and got home super late so the week started off SLEEPY.

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