Sunday, February 21, 2010

Like old times...with a new twist

Went back to the Boro this weekend for a visit since Josh had guard. Convinced Isaac to go with me so I wouldn't have to drive alone and so he could meet all my friends there. The weekend was amazing! At least I thought so. Drove up Friday night. Drove the whole way myself and didn't even fall asleep! Thank you..thank you..thank you!

Saturday morning Aaron got in the kitchen and made me some BISCUITS! No really...we were well treated house guests and had a wonderful breakfast. After food, me and Isaac headed out to explore the Boro. A trip to Wesley turned up sad b/c all the students were away at a conference. A nice walk around campus. Then we headed up to Woodbury to visit my grandparents (thanks're a trooper). After that we headed up near her old house to visit the fire tower.

When I was little we spent alot of time in the summer at Granny and Papa's house in the country. I remember climbing the fire tower when we were really little and what an adventure it was. We would plan it out. Walk by the cemetery and pet the goats. Then journey up the fire tower. All the way to the top. Always locked so I've never been in it but still fun. When I was a little older and found Woodbury and Granny's not quite as excited as it once was, I would walk up there on my own with my journal and write. Perfect place to write. We combination of being alone and being with others as the cars drive by on the road right next to it. Quiet and noisy. Always a good breeze and something to look at in the distance. Isaac's a writer too so I figured he might like it. Though it was man-made I consider this my second hike with Lil D. :o) Ours this coming weekend will have to be #3.

The rest of the weekend was typical for our group. Dinner. A short break for Brandon's Dragon Tales bedtime ritual. I now know how to repel funky sad clouds. Then games all night. Don't remember how many we played, but I'm sure the girls won the majority. hehe..

Church was fun! Almost cried pullin' the parking lot seeing all the familiar faces walk in. (I'm supposed to be emotional right?? Come on. Give me a break.) Nice to see everyone and felt like home. At least my Sunday home.

Great weekend with great friends. Thanks guys!

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Aaron said...

This past weekend was a blast and really did spoil me in having you around. Don't tell too many people about my mad breakfast cooking skills or they may start expecting things.

I love how you are so fond of this fire tower. Hope you can find a quiet/not so quiet place over there to continue you writings. Heck, maybe you can write about the fire tower and your past adventures in it one day.

Don't be a strager over here in Middle Tennessee! You, Josh, any friend, and of course LIL D always have a place to stay!!!


Oh, I do believe the boys wiped the floor with you ladies on game night.