Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nice Environment

Okay so nothing baby-wise happened today, but I did stay late at work for their annual picture sharing night. It was really sweet. They all (by all I mean all like 15 of the people who work at Tremont) bring food for a potluck and put in 10 pictures. Then we have a big slideshow, and people tell about their year. Very family style. People joking, goofing off, just having a good time together. Definitely not a corporate feel. So nice. These people really love what they do. You can tell b/c they do it during vacations too! Tons of hiking/nature pictures. It's inspiring to work with people who love their jobs so much!

15 weeks today! 29 more days until we find out whether Lil D is a boy or a girl.

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Aaron said...

I am so jealous of your new work place. Find me a job! :( So happy that you stood up (granted it was a dark room) and talked about yourself! WAY TO GO!!!