Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Add another weird one to the books

Last night I dreamed I had a bunch of kids living in the woods outside my house. They were everywhere. Tons of them. I would go outside and talk to them. We would hang out during the day. Great group but they were just sad and a little rough. Typical movie stereotyped orphans I guess. Except these weren't orphans. Every few nights their parents would all drive in at once. They descended on the packed but peaceful woods and changed everything. I remember trying to talk to the parents like I did the kids and every thing I would say was wrong. Understandably. I didn't know what I was talking about but I just kept talking. Just dug my hole deeper and deeper with them. Things would tell me to just go back inside but I stayed.

It's strange b/c one night I was trying to get one of the kids back to her dad as he was leaving. But for some reason all the kids had turned into stray cats. Some scattering and hiding random places. Some walking around oblivious to what was going on. I picked up a particularly sad little cat and told this guy it was his. Didn't he want to take her home. He yelled and said to put the cat down. She would find her way home. I kept trying to convince him that she was little and it would just be easier if he took her then. But he wouldn't listen and starting yelling at me. I stood while he did, unflinching, but quietly set the cat down when he finished and went back inside. It was a loud night outside my house. All sorts of craziness must have been going on but I stayed inside.

The next morning I woke up and walked out into the sunlight. The woods were calm again. Empty except for stacks and stacks of sleeping bags piled up between trees. I remember it being completely dry and comfortable looking except there was no grass or leaves - just dirt. I thought well..if you had to stay in the woods, this would be the place and at least they had lots of sleeping bags. I was talking out loud to myself as I said this. " least they have a nice place to sleep" when behind me I heard footsteps and the little girl say "And what exactly do you mean by they?". It sounded so mean and I was ready to explain myself. in you little kids sleeping in the woods! I don't even know y'alls names. What else am I supposed to call you? I'm sorry alright geez. But I turned around, and she was grinning. Perfect. Just teasing. With all the other kids behind her. Then we started the day once more. And WAKE UP!

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