Friday, March 19, 2010

The Numbers

Oh I forgot! For all you numbers people. Molly is currently 10oz. She's growing perfectly (one day ahead of schedule the ultrasound lady said). She kept listing off all these baby specifications and such that all started to mush together in my brain, but basically, we're good. :o)

I'm at 19 weeks and 3 days today, and I've gained 6 pounds overall for a grand total of 146. WHICH I think sounds quite large, but you know doctor's scales. We're going to say I started way less than that - okay. We'll just focus on the only gaining 6 pounds part from now on. Okay?

That's it for now. Other Davis news. We found a house we really like! Going to try and make an offer if everything looks good after talking to a lender and having the mom's inspect.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

This may be the ONLY time I get to tease and call you BEEFY! Even though you aren't even big enough for me to call you that yet! Geez...