Thursday, March 18, 2010

Molly Jane

Well, our little girl got us off to an interesting start. Took the ultrasound lady a while to figure out she was a girl b/c she had the cord between her legs and wasn't moving. Way to go Molly. Just be stubborn to start with. :o) The lady kept shaking my belly trying to get her moving. Then she finally figured out Lil D was a girl!

So the idea of a girl is going to take a little getting used to since we had boy stuck in our heads. At least I did. Josh claims he knew it would be a girl the whole time, but I had bought a few things boy-wise and nothing girly.

Oh well..I changed gears quickly and was out shopping with mom today. hehe..Got a cute little sundress, and I'm on the hunt for an orange skirt. Girls really do have super cute clothes! How fun.

Her name is going to be Molly Jane Davis. Molly...just b/c I think it's pretty, and it works for a little girl and a lady. Jane for Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, plain Jane, and surprisingly Effie Jane (my granny's granny..I think). I think it's nice b/c they sound good separate. And they sound good together if you're yelling. Very important criteria. I'm excited b/c I really liked my girl name so now we get to use it. Yeah!


Aaron said...

Good choice in names. Pretty name for what is sure to be a pretty girl. Looking forward to meeting you, Molly Jane.

Mary and Bill said...

Congratulations! Best of luck to all of you! Hope the house hunting and purchasing goes well.